Hello Mr Lobster

Billingsgate Market @ 7am

Finally we made it there. We have been planning to go since foerever, but everytime I’m the one who cancelled. I feel bad for making Dav stay back when I wanted more sleep.

This time round, I was hoping we can buy white pomfret and lobster. White pomfret is my fav fish. My mother used to steam them almost every night for dinner. It reminds me of home… Unfortunately we couldnt find any at 7am. A local seller told us it normally sold out very early plus it is not the season hence the little stock they have will be very expensive. Oh well, not my luck then.

At least we got lobster, scallop and oyster. 🙂

Mr Lobster
Anyone fancy garlic lobster?


2 thoughts on “Hello Mr Lobster

    1. I didnt but Dav did. No recipe ler, he just sprinkle olive oil, pepper and lots of chopped garlic onto the lobster and chuck it into the oven for approx 25mins.

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