Quality Time

The weather has changed. Finally Autumn is here (that reads cold, strong wind and annoying rain). Tree leaves are changing colour and it gets dark at 5pm!!!

For this weekend, I arranged to meetup with the girls for brunch yesterday and Dav took me out for a surprised dinner at night.

It was nice to catch up with the girls. I hardly see any of them due to different work and social schedule. We went to Kopapa in Covent Garden. Nice atmosphere and food. Besides the usual ‘What have you been up to?’ question, we also discussed what’s everyone’s holiday plans. We must definitely meet up more often.

Come night time, I was taken to a Japanese restaurant in Ealing Common. A restaurant highly recommended by our friends. Dav was all mysterious and didnt want to tell me where we’re going or what we’re eating. What a nice surprised when I found out it was Japanese (our fav cuisine!).

So, no baking for me this weekend. Am seriously very very tempted to try to make macaroons… but somehow dont have the ‘drive’. Maybe next weekend.

Going Out on A Hot Date by StephNgoi
In the tube, on our way to Ealing Common.


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