Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake by StephNgoi
Carrot Cake, a photo by StephNgoi on Flickr.

My latest baking adventure, my version of the Hummingbird’s Carrot Cake. Tasted very good but the recipe asked for ALOT of sugar and OIL. Dont think I’ll bake this for a long long time. So unhealthy!

Dav was very helpful. He grated the carrots for me. So thankful that he did that. I experienced a small accident when I used the grater last time. I basically grated my own skin while using it…. so painful  😦

Anyway, the end results was quite successful. It actually tasted like a carrot cake. Dav took some to office and all his colleagues liked it and was very complimentary.  Am very happy with the feedback.

I’m thinking of trying to make my own macaroons next after seeing my cousin making it on FB…. who wants to be my taster?


4 thoughts on “Carrot Cake

  1. And the carrot cake looks divine! Ed has been asking for a carrot cake too for ages, but somehow I never got around to making one for him (heh, bad wife).

    And ouch to the grated hand, you just made me cringe!

  2. Me me! That is another item that you’ll probably eat after you bake it – it’s basically sugar, egg white and grounded almond. So unhealthy but (as always) yummy!

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