Mr. Brainwash Exhibition

Mr. Brainwash Exhibition by StephNgoi
Mr. Brainwash Exhibition, a photo by StephNgoi on Flickr.

Dav knew that I’m into graffiti. So when he saw that a local gallery is showing Mr Brainwash’s artwork, he organised for us to check it out.

Mr Brainwash is one of those ‘wanna-be’ after being made famous by Banksy through his documentary/film 2 years ago. Ever since then Mr Brainwash got really famous and was even asked by Madonna to design her album cover.

Last week, after work one day we decided to go to the gallery (Opera Gallery). It is situated on New Bond Street (posh shopping area). I was qutie disappointed that they only had 5 of his artwork. It’s not really an exhibition with 5 artworks on displayed?!?!?

We were literally in and out within 10 mins.

Dav keep telling me that he doesnt produce his own work and that he hire ppl to create the artwork for him. I dont really care.. I just wanted to see what’s it all about.

My personal recommendation is that it’s not worth the effort just to get to a over crowded area full of tourists just to see this.

Recommenation: Not worth the effort unless you’re int he area.


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