Tech upgrade

Finally I’ve upgraded my phone to iPhone 4S.

As a reminder, I was using the first generation of iPhone (Yes, it is that OLD!). Every year when Apple announces a new and better version of the phone I was very tempted to upgrade. BUT I waited patiently (initially due to contract but later due to cost) and finally this year it was meant to be the year of iPhone 5 and what did we get?? iPhone 4S. So instead of waiting I decided to just get it.

Now that I’ve upgraded my phone, I realised I need to upgrade my Macbook too in order to maximise the usage of iCloud. iCloud can only sync with OSX Lion. Luckily it can still sync my data between iPad and iPhone. For the Mac, I just have to manually manage the data.

Looks like I have to start saving up for a new Mac next year.


4 thoughts on “Tech upgrade

  1. Ed is very tempted by the 4S as well! But I said no because we both have the iPhone 4! Have to hang out a little longer for iPhone 5, hopefully it’ll be out next year.

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