Unusual items

Shopping today was very amusing for Dav.

Unusual item no. 1

We were in Uniqlo when Dav saw this…. legging that looks like jeans. According to Dav, ‘Why wear skinny jeans when you have leggings like these?’… hahahahahahahaha.

Unusual item no. 2

While in O2 waiting for me to get my micro sim, Dav found the HTC Salsa, a touch-based phone that suddenly has a button for Facebook. He thinks this is crazy. LoL!

Have you seen anything unusual lately?


3 thoughts on “Unusual items

  1. Steph, they are called jeggings!!! My mother actually owns them! And they are very popular among the youth here in Oz! :):) And no, I don’t own a pair (thank goodness!)

    Just off topic, but I love Uniglo for their day to day basics. I just got some V neck tees and their women shirts last month when I was in Spore.

  2. I love Uniglo too! Nice comfy t-shirts. My only gripe is that some of their tees have a really irritating label on the inside, that scratches my waist. But cut them off and they’re perfect.:)

    By the way, Charlotte has jeggings! She looks very cool too. 😛

  3. Hahahaha ok ok. A few ppl have told me it’s called jeggings!

    We love Uniqlo too. Cant stop myself from stocking up winter clothing. Absolutely love their heat tech range!

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