BAT Sports Day

Another week has come and go. This week was shorter for me as I had a day off on Friday to participant in BAT Sports Day. Very confidently I volunteered to take part in the badminton game representing my office. We compete in 4 different games between the 4 BAT sites in UK. This year the games are hosted in Southampton and for badminton we played on the factory site. Kinda envious that they have such good sports facilities in Southampton. Not only do they have 3 badminton courts, they have an onsite gym with classes available for BAT employees.

My intention was really to do some exercise. But very quickly I started to realised everyone was so competitive on the day itself. That kinda makes me nervous. To add on to the challenge, I never knew my partner. We only met when the competition started! hahahahaha

So in the end we played 4 sets of games and I only won 1 set with my partner. That makes us the weakest link in our group. The top 2 teams in our group made it to the knock out stage but didnt make it further. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some new people. We stayed the night in Southampton which makes it so much more convenient to attend the dinner n party.

Let’s hope I will continue on playing badminton over here.


2 thoughts on “BAT Sports Day

  1. Yay to exercising!!! 🙂 I have started exercising REGULARLY as of last week :):) (see my email to you for the reason why! :):)

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