Theatre with a difference

We travel to work everyday through Waterloo station. Then one day last year we saw a big poster saying the old Eurostar terminals are being converted to host a production of ‘The Railway Children’. Then I didnt think much about it until a colleague asked if I’m interested to go see the show. As I couldnt get tickets from work’s social club I just ignored it. Then a friend visiting London invited us to go see the show with them. So we went on Friday after work.

The Railway Children is a very famous children’s book in the UK. The most unique thing about this production is the fact that the stage is set on a train platform and the audience is sitted on both side of the train platform. So the old Eurostar platform is actually the stage! Then in the middle of the show an old steam train actually comes in and was part of the stage prop!  It is quite amazing.

Here’s a trailer of the show.


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