Back to baking

It’s already Sunday and before I know it, it’s back in office working my ass off.

Last week came and gone really quickly. Could hardly remember what happened and what we did the whole week.

Been trying to get back to our normal routine and that means more baking and hopefully knitting as well! I’m very tempted to take the knitting needles out and try to knit a pair of socks. Esp now the temperature is getting cooler and cooler. But I resisted the temptation and started baking instead.

I’ve hardly bake anything since we moved into our little flat. The kitchen space is nothing comparable to our old rented apartment. Well I guess I just have to make do…

Dav has always asked me to bake something savoury. While browsing through my cookbooks I finally found a savoury muffin which is easy enough to make. So today I bought all the ingredients and attempted to bake my first savoury muffin, following the Hummingbird’s Bakery CookBook.

Hummingbird's Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Muffin

The result was amazing. Really yummy. But I think it could be cooked slightly longer. Not sure whether the milk I used has affected the texture. Instead of using whole milk I used skimmed milk. Also the muffin was sticking to the paper casing… need to do some research to see why. But overall I was very happy with the result.

I had 2 muffins together with a cup of 3-in-1 coffee that my parents brought from Msia. Bliss!


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