One Year Older…

Surprisingly this year I was quite excited about celebrating my birthday.

I decided to have a party in our local pub and invited all my friends and close colleagues to join me in my celebration.

We catch up while I have unlimited supply of beer. The party continue on at my flat with more beers and pizza from the local Italian restaurant (our fav!).

My sister and her fiance also came from Liverpool for the weekend to celebrate with me.

Definitely had a great time. Why cant we have birthday everyday? hehehehe


3 thoughts on “One Year Older…

  1. Happy birthday Steph! 🙂 xox Sounds like you had a great time. And I agree! Why can’t we have a birthday everyday!? Though in my case, I know the reason – I’ll become a mammoth if I stuff my face with birthday cake everyday! :):)

  2. Oh we missed the later part of the celebration =(. If everyday is a birthday celebration, it is not special and exciting anymore, right? =)

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