Latest toy


We got the Dyson City vacuum cleaner (DC26) after we moved and I’ve been using it every week …. no exceptions!

It is such an amazing vacuum cleaner… it’s so powerful, small, easy to use & clean. Plus you can actually feel the difference after you vacuum the floor. I would highly recommend everyone to get one if you’re thinking of changing your vacuum cleaner. You’ll never regret getting it!

Source: Dyson website.


4 thoughts on “Latest toy

  1. Hahaha…I just bought a vacuum cleaner too! But it’s a Miele. That thing sucks like no tommorow so whenever I vacuum, it’s more of a workout for me 🙂

  2. Miele is a good brand… but didnt know they make vacuum cleaner too. Almost bought a Miele washing machine which cost a BOMB! Luckily my laundry too small to fit one. hehehehe

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