Wimbledon 2011

Wimbledon Boys' Singles FinalNovak DjokovicM&M'STennis Mix

2011 Wimbledon, a set on Flickr.

This was my third Wimbledon visit. I didnt plan to go at all but I had the whole day to myself while Dav attends an all day training on Saturday (yes, on the weekend!). The girls at work wanted to go, so I tagged along.

The most amazing thing about this year’s Wimbledon were:

  1. We didnt have to queue at all! We arrived at 1200 and got in straight. This may be due to the fact that the only highlight for the day was the Ladies’ Singles Final.
  2. We managed to buy Court No.1 tickets! The Boys’ Singles Final was the first game at Court No 1. A Brit player was playing, so we all cheered for him. Unfortunately he didnt win.
  3. We saw Nole practising with his coach and trainer on one of the smaller court. We missed Nadal by 2 hours! If not we would have been able to see both the World No 1 and No 2!!!

Later that night I had dinner with a colleague visiting from Rome in Chinatown and we went to check out the M&M’s World in Leicester Square. Apparently it’s the latest attraction in London. My colleague was a fan of M&M’s and was very eager to see what they have in store. All of us were very impressed with the merchandise and everyone ended up buying M&M’s. I got the ‘Tennis Mix’ in time for the Men’s Final match. Check out the colour of the peanut M&M’s it’s just amazing! But it was cheap though.

I would highly recommends everyone to visit the store at least once. 🙂

p/s: Anyone wanna go to French Open with me next year?





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