Another wet summer in London?

Hello! It’s been a while since I last update the blog. I have been so busy that I have to prioritise my time to setting up the flat and finishing up my work. Now let’s take a look at what’s been going on since we came back from SA.

Work Social

A colleague organised a Texas Holden Poker night in our office local pub. I took the opportunity to learn how to play poker. It was fun although I didnt win. A week after that, BAT social club ran a quiz night (twice a year). That was very fun too. Again, I couldnt answer most of the question. I wonder if there’s a way to increase one’s knowledge to tackle the British Quiz Nite’s questions. Then there were lots of farewell dinner and drinks to attend for just ONE very lovable colleague who decided to head back to Argentina to start a family.

Last week, my team got together in London for the first time after 2 years and so we arranged a team building event – Gourmet Challenge. We were separated into teams and have to cook a 4 course meals starting with cenepes of your choice (we made thai prawn fajitas & beef on toasted bread), starter was salmon, main was chicken wrapped in pastry and dessert was chocolate fondue.

Next week, BAT will be hosting the annual summer party. This year it will be hosted at Tower of London. Cant wait!

Furnishing the flat

This is a never ending task!! We have a long list and the process of completing it seems to take longer than usual. AND this is such an expensive tasks. Will post some pics once it looks decent.

Going on dates with Dav

As we have been busy with the new flat and I’ve been away in Hamburg for work, when I got back to London, Dav decided to take me out after work last Thurs & Fri to check out new places.

First place we visited was the Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden at the Southbank. Weather was fantastic, sun was out and view from the roof garden was good. We had a drink, chat about the world and work. Then we head to Covent Garden to have Japanese sushi.

The next day, Dav emailed me at work and asked if I fancy trying out an American BBQ food stall, also at the Southbank. The name of the food stall is Pitt Cue Co. The mobile food stall is actually located underneath the Hungerford Bridge (where las iguanas is located). This place only serve one kind of food, pulled pork and traditionally with a shot of whiskey. The pork is soooo good that it actually melts in your mouth! If you’re in around the corner, it is definitely worth trying it!

I’m looking forward to more dates with the hubby in the future cos I know he will surprise me with the weird and wonderful.


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