Back to reality

We’ve been home for a week now. Our holiday in South Africa (SA) was amazing!! Will write more about it next time.

It was really hard for me to prepare to go back to work. I was already feeling the stress when we were still in SA. To be honest I was not looking forward to the end of the holiday. Dav on the other hand was really psyched to head back to work. Luckily I survived the first work week AND we finally bought our fridge and washing machine. Fridge is working now (after much hard work). Still need to sort out the plumbing for the washing machine.

On a slightly different note, my knitting hobby is starting again (yipee!). I’ve joined a sock knitting club this month and they ran a beginner’s class last saturday. I attended the class to increase my success rate of knitting a pair of sock! Nothing beats learning through watching how it is done real life.

The club cost £100. A yarn is sent out every two months with an exclusive sock pattern. I managed to meet a few knitters while at the store as they were having a launch party on the same day too. Everyone is so nice and seem to be an expert in knitting. While at the knit store, I’ve also picked up my first sock design and yarn from the club. The design is so pretty!! But it looks complicated to knit. Will have to practice on cheap yarns first before I use the club given yarn.

IKL (not just) Sock Club 2011


4 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. i dont remember which my friend said to me the other day but she said you sound like a aunty or grandma cause you knit lol. but its okay, dont care what my friend say. i always tell my friends that you and david is like the coolest in my family, no sarcasm there 🙂

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