We have moved!

We are now proud owner of a 2 bedroom flat in London!

We decided to seriously consider buying a property since early last year. So we started viewing properties when we can. It was quite difficult to actually agree on the (1) location, (2) budget and (3) criteria for the property. There was lots of other things to consider and it is actually much harder to agree on the right property when 2 views and needs have to be taken into consideration.

So we started seriously looking since April and tried to view as many properties as we can during weekends and some week days. We had to stop every now and then because I would have to go on business trips. Then finally in November we found the most ideal property and put in an offer.

Once that was accepted we were told that we’ll have to wait another 6 months before we can move in. We thought the property was worth the wait and we were in no hurry to move. In addition we also had price reduction since the owner made us wait.

During the 6 months wait, there was no guaranteed that the transaction will go through as both party still have the rights to pull out. Thinking back that was quite risky but that’s how the property market works over here.

Anyway that’s all behind us now. We formally moved in last weekend and now am living in our new flat. We still do not have Internet so I’m not able to post pictures as yet. That will come soon hopefully.


2 thoughts on “We have moved!

  1. Congratulations!!!! Owning anthing in London is super duper expensive so you’ve both done well. Free accomodation when I eventually get there? *wink*

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