Wonderful shows in London

I managed to get discounted tickets to see 2 shows this month from my company’s Sports & Social club.

The Wizard of Oz – The Musical

I did not do any research on this musical prior to the show. I just assumed it was a long running musical like the Lion King or Wicked. When the tickets were sold in the office, I just thought it might be good to watch it since we already watched Wicked 3 years ago and this is in fact the second half of the story. So I didn’t have any expectations at all.

Before the musical begins, we had an introductions from the director of the musical and he informed us we would experience some technical glitches. Hence we should be patience with the production since it is very heavily reliant on electronically moving the stage around. I thought this was unusual especially when I expect that any technical difficulties would have been resolved during rehearsals.

Anyhow, we enjoyed the show very much. The stage design was spectacular and they even used a real dog for Toto’s character (which was extremely cute and the dog was so well behaved!). After the interval the show did stopped for about 10 mins. They couldnt lower down the entrance to Professor Oz’s palace.. hehehe. However we did get annoyed at one audience member, who was sitting behind us because he was yelling unnecessarily at the stage towards the end. We suspect he was drunk. That kinda spoilt the experience for us. But other than that everything was good.

At home, I did some research and found out the musical has just opened few days ago in London and that this was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production!! The girl who play Dorothy was the winner of one of his reality show. Another fact I found is a very famous actor played the role of Professor Oz, his name is Michael Crawford. Apparently he is famous for his role in Phantom of the Opera… I have no idea who he is. hehehehe

If you want to see only one musical this year, I would highly recommend this one! One must follow the Yellow Brick Road! 🙂


TOTEM (Cirque du Soleil)

Totem - Cirque du Soleil We went to Royal Albert Hall yesterday to watched TOTEM. I was quite excited to see this. It has been almost 3 years since we last saw a Cirque du Soleil show (Our first show was Varekai in Royal Albert Hall too).

As usual, just like the other production, the stage design was amazing!

We had really good sits as well. We were seated on the ground floor (stalls) and had good view of the stage and the performances.

I was really really impressed with all the acts. I keep saying ‘Wow’ ‘OOooooh’ ‘Wahhh’ etc after every act. I think this is one circus which will always surprise its audiences. Even the juggler do not perform standard juggling act. This one juggles in a cone!

Highly recommend this show too!

Next month we’re going to see Keira Knightly in The Children’s Hour.


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