Scary Tiger Mother

On the way home today I read an article on the ES Magazine which startled me. ES Magazine is a free magazine provided by Evening Standard, distributed every Friday evening outside tube station. The article talks about tough parenting adopted by a Chinese American mum versus laid-back dad from the UK.

Growing up as Chinese we always knew about how the chinese parents can get quite strict with their kids. But I never thought anyone would write a book about it and publicly encouraged it. The author featured in the article even wrote that she called her daughters ‘garbage’ !!

You can read the article on the ES website.

Once I got home I did some research online and found out that she also wrote an article on the Wall Street Journal website and has generated more than 7,763 comments on the Journal’s website, more than any other article in the history of She certainly is generating a lot of publicity for herself and her book albeit some are not very nice comments.

She was also on BBC News few days ago talking about her books and her parenting style. She very casually dismiss her actions as ‘almost a caricature principles’  and she said she’s bluffing in the book! Now surely you should not be bluffing in your own memoir…..

I was really lucky to be brought up by a very loving and trusting parents. I was never ‘forced’ to do anything except when I was put into organ school at the age of 7. The lessons lasted for 8 years until finally I could not handle school work and organ practice so I asked my parents if I could stop the lessons in view that I will be sitting for a big exam that year (PMR). Now thinking back, at age 7, I really didnt know the benefits of learning how to play an instrument. At that time I must have been thinking why am I doing this. But now I am really grateful that my parents introduced the instrument to me. I can proudly say I never really lost the knowledge of playing the organ and even trying to extend my skill to play the piano!

Anyway I totally dont agree with her style … it seems almost borderline abuse. At the same time I also do not agree with the laid-back parenting style. There must be a way to find a reasonable approach to ensure that kids are being guided and given the opportunity to do the things they like.

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Scary Tiger Mother

  1. I don’t believe in “No Caning” principle in bringing up kids. I cane my son occasionally otherwise he will climb up to my head. Like how he did to my mum, his grandma.

    Constantly testing our limit to a point I wanna throw him out of my hse.

    Think I lack patience and mother instinct…..

  2. Tache, I think not only mum who pamper your son!! I also contribute to the pampering.. but not as much as mum and Jas….

    But saying that he is the only grandchildren in the family, so naturally everyone will love him a lot!

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