Introduction to Yee Sang

Dav and I hosted a CNY gathering yesterday. The aim was to share our CNY culture of eating yee sang with my colleagues. So 7 of my colleagues came over for lunch and they were all from different parts of the world (Trinidad, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica and Reunion). I worked with such international teams where sometimes I dont even feel like I’m working in UK.

For food, I didnt really think about what to serve except for the yee sang. So I set out to look for a chinese restaurant that sell it for take away. Luckily my Malaysian friends knew 2 restaurants that serves it (Goldmine and Royal China in Bayswater) but only Royal China do take away. It was freaking expensive too. But since this will be a once a year affair, I didnt really mind paying for it. So after the main dish was decided for, Dav very kindly put together the menu for lunch. Here’s what we had in addition to yee sang:


  • Prawn crackers with sweet and sour plum sauce
  • Steamed dimsum
  • Deep-fried minced prawn/pork meat balls


  • Yeesang
  • Popiah with roast duck


  • Nian Gao with coconut


  • Taster absinthe with sugar cube
  • Lime juice with mint leaves
  • Beer

We spent the whole Saturday afternoon and evening preparing all the food except for yee sang, roast duck and dimsum which we bought from Chinatown.

Everyone enjoyed the food and the traditional tossing of yee sang. Some were too enthusiastic about tossing that they loss their chopsticks in the dish! It was good fun but I dont think we will ever host such a big food gathering for a long time. Maybe next year.

Note: We didnt take any photos as we were too busy entertaining our friends. Hopefully a colleague took some and share it with me.


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