Cooking all weekend.

This weekend I decided to be responsible for dinner. So on Saturday I cooked beef bourguignon. I never knew such dish exists until we watched the movie ‘Julie and Julia’. That movie introduced us to many French dishes and inspired us to cook more. Anyway I found a really easy recipe to cook this dish from the ‘Delia’s how to cheat at cooking’. All I had to do was put all the ingredients in the casserole and leave it in the oven for 3 hours.

Dav really love it. He was still eating the left over for dinner the next day.

Beef Bourguignon

Today I cooked creole prawns and fried eggs. I have to say, it was very tasty.. esp the king prawns… But I didn’t take any pics of the food.

To ensure that I improve on my baking and also utilise the Kitchenaid, I’ve decided that I will bake once a week. Last weekend, I was craving for a butter loaf but thought it was boring cos I always make that. So instead I made a banana loaf.

I baked the banana loaf by following the Hummingbird’s Bakery Book. It turn out slightly dry and I had problems baking the dough in the middle. This is the third time I’m having this problem. Even though I’m following the instructions to the dot, it still does not bake well.

Hummingbird Bakery Banana Loaf

Dav said it tasted good and not too sweet for me.

For this weekend, I decided to go one step higher in the difficulty scale. I choose to bake Rachel Allen’s Almond Praline Cake. It took me the WHOLE AFTERNOON! But it was well worth it. It tastes SOOOOO GOOD. Even Dav said so when he doesn’t like sweet stuff.

Almond Praline Cake

Now I know it doesn’t look like a cake. It looks like a snow ball to me.. hahahahah I do realise I need to improve on my presentation skills (as what my sis dearly reminded me this morning in our weekly call with our parents). BUT BUT BUT it taste so good… presentation is not important as long as it taste good. Dav gave me the highest compliment when he said it’s good enough to be sold! LoL

Ohh.. I saw this pink Kitchenaid when I was walking along Putney High Street. Don’t you think it looks so sweet??

Pink Kitchenaid


3 thoughts on “Cooking all weekend.

  1. Since when you join the pink grp? haha…
    And yes your new year resolution, improve on presentation skills…:):) can you bake a cake for me in march when you come, pls pls pls..

    1. I didnt join the pink group… I just say it looks sweet only ma…
      Bake a cake from London and bring it all the way to Manchester??!?! How to carry la….. Let me think about it.

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