I’m a trusting person.

I have been very lazy and keep delaying the process of applying for a US visa since we moved to the UK. At the end of last year, Dav and I agreed that we would visit USA this year. Hence I have to make sure I apply for a US visa before I start travelling for work.

The process started when I was on holiday during the Christmas/ New Year period. Got myself to read the requirements and complete the application form online. Then 3 weeks later I finally called the embassy to make an appointment for interview and paid the application fees (that was 2 weeks ago). Last Friday (the appointment day) I had to endured one hour queuing in the cold (because they only allow 4 to enter security check at any one time) and the application submission took less than an hour.

Now everyone says US embassy is very strict about their visa application and one must ensure all the relevant documents are presented to support one’s application to visit the country. So being a well organised person that I am, I got myself an employment letter (signed by the head of function), 3 months bank statements AND scanned copy of my old passport which has the old US visa (thanks to my sis and dad).

When it was my turn to be interviewed, the lady behind the counter asked a few basic questions like how long I’ve lived in UK, who do I work for, what I’m going to do in US and who I’m going with. Before I knew it, she told me my visa is approved and that it will take 3-5 working days. That’s it. Less than 5 mins of questioning. She didn’t even asked to see any documents.

So I got curious and reconfirmed whether she wanted any of the documents I have prepared. All she said was, “No, I trust you.”.

Note: My experience may differ from others. Therefore please do not take decision not to prepare any supporting docs when you’re applying for US visa.


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