Busy bee

Wow, it has been 2 weeks since I last updated our blog. Work has been freaking busy and any spare time I have was dedicated to planning our SA trip.

First I had to attend 3 days training and sat for an exam at the end of the training. Now I have not studied for an exam since 5 years ago!! So I was kinda worried and stressed out. Well it’s over now, but the result is not out yet. Let’s hope that I get through.

Right after exam, it was preparing for the audit committee meeting. Who would have thought it would take more than a week to prepare the pack? Aarrggghhh the review process is so tedious AND I feel so bad that I killed so many trees in the process (ie waste a lot of papers). Anyway, that’s all done now. Hopefully I wont have to do this again next time.

I’m happy to say we are almost 80% done with our SA planning. Just need to confirm a few more things then we dont have to do much until April. Cant wait!


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