First toy for 2011

I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano. So during the christmas/ new year’s break I decided to get an electronic keyboard to ‘try’ out and see if I would be successful.

Initially I was hesitant cos it’s not that cheap to get a piano and we dont have space in our current flat to keep a piano. Then Dav encouraged me to just do it and we will make space for it. So I started getting feedback from my friends who plays the piano and even tested a keyboard piano at a friend’s house (Thanks DK!). Right after the testing session, I went and ordered the same keyboard from Amazon and waited patiently for it to arrive.

Now that I’ve got the keyboard, I’ve set a goal to spend 1 hour a day to practice. I’ve played the organ for almost 8 years, so I know how to read the notes. The only thing I need to learn how to play the notes with my left hand (For organ player, the left hand is used to play the chords). DK said I dont need to go for classes and probably may start off with Grade 3 piano books.

As I’m still waiting for my piano books to arrive, I have downloaded a few classical and pop music sheets to start off. I’m learning ‘Beethoven – Fur Elise’ as my first song and Richard Marx’s Right Here Waiting as my second song.

Wish me luck!

Keyboard is on the dining table now because the keyboard stand has not arrived.


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