First week back at work

It has been raining almost everyday this week. The temperature remains about the same. Although there is no snow, it is still freaking cold!

Havent seen the sun for the whole week. When it does get brighter than the night, it usually only decide to come out around 0830 in the morning and disappear again after 1530.

My benefit to free lunch at work ceased on the first day of work. The company decided that it was too expensive to provide free lunch and thus got us to start paying for our own lunch without any financial compensation. So that didnt help with the mood of going back to work after the holiday period.

To add on to my frustration, Amazon decided to bluff me with my order’s delivery date. Not only did I waste 2 days waiting for my big package. When it decided to turn up, both big packages turn up on the same week!! Now I have to sort out the return for the second package… GERAM-NYA!

Luckily the week ended on a high note. Our South Africa holiday is confirmed and I have a new personal objective for this year, that is to learn how to play piano.

So did my dear readers have a good first week?


2 thoughts on “First week back at work

  1. It has been wet and gloomy in KL too. My first week is good, catching up with a lot of friends this trip – more than usual! I am amazed myself. See you soon sweetie..xx

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