Introducing a new Steph!

I went for a haircut yesterday and decided I needed a change (ie new hairstyle). I have been thinking of getting a fringe and was quite tired of my shoulder length hair. My hair parting has always been from the side… so a fringe would be a nice change. But I wasnt sure whether it would suit me.

When I told my hairdresser (LK) I wanted my hair short and a fringe, he totally agree with my idea. He said it will be trendy. It doesnt take long to convince me to chop it all off. So 10 mins into the hair cut, my long hair became short and from side parting fringe it became a bang.

Let me introduce to you the new Steph!!

New hairstyle

Quite a big change. LK said he just took 5 years off my age… hahahahahaha

I like it. Everyone in office said it was a good change. Some even said I look beautiful (dont think I can trust this comment). Best of all, Dav said he needs time to get used to it… ROTFL!!

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Introducing a new Steph!

  1. Looks GREAT!!! Fringes are soooooo fun and they make you look so young and funky. But they are very difficult to maintain. If your hair grows as quick as mine, you’ll learn very quickly to cut your own fringe soon enough :):)

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