Miniature World

When I was in Hamburg, I had one weekend to go around the city on my own. This is my 5th time being sent to Hamburg for work so there really isnt much for me to discover. But few months ago, a friend told me about Miniatur Wunderland where it has the largest model railway in the world. I thought why not check it out since it is better than sitting in the hotel room wasting time watching tv and doing nothing.

Luckily I did some research online before heading to the place (which was very near to my hotel). Apparently the queue to get in is super long and visitor can book a time slot to bypass the queue. A colleague went with her friends and had to wait for an hour in the queue!! It was quite difficult to locate the building as it is situated in the old warehouses area. There was no sign to indicate the entrance so it took me some time to find the place.

This place is HUGE. No wonder it has the world largest model railway. The train tracks goes on top AND below you… and it runs across several rooms and floors!!

What really fascinates me is the miniature people and places they have created in the 7 different sections. If you look closely you’ll see some funny things. I spent almost 3 hours in this place looking at each and every detailed miniature figures to locate the unusual. Too bad I didnt have my DSLR with me, so the pics I took doesnt look so nice. The Lumix does not provide good macro shots.

Anyhow, here’s some of the highlights of my visit:

Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet dancing on the balcony at the open air theatre. I took a video of the performance. You can view it in YouTube.

Around 350 cyclists drive across the bridge for the miniature version of the HEW Cyclassics event.

Murder Mystery
CSI working in a crime scene located in the farm.

Superman to the rescue
Superman trying to rescue a car hanging on a cliff.

Dinosour attack!
2 dinosaurs attacking a men.

Action in the park
Couple making out in the park, watched by a passer-by with a binocular.

More pictures can be seen at Flickr.


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