Dreaming of White Christmas

Just went I thought it will happen, the snow stop falling. It is still extremely cold for early December weather but it is not going to stop me from dreaming.

The past 2 months have been crazy for me.

After our holiday in Spain, I had to train new auditors on our audit methodology. Straight after that I was off to Paris for one week for a global conference. The conference was quite intense. Daily 0830 start and compulsory dinner attendance. Let’s just say there was no short of alcohol involved in all the dinners. The host did a great job for the conference in terms of entertainment. First night was had dinner in a typical Parisian restaurant. Second night we had dinner on a boat while cruising along River Siene. On the third night, we had treasure hunt in The Louvre. That was one of the best treasure hunt I have ever participated.

Luckily after Paris I had one week in London to prepare for Hamburg. I feel that I should be stationed in Hamburg since I go there quite often. I’m always Hamburg bound at least once a year and for this year, this is my second trip. But I shouldn’t complain too much. I was there just in time to experience the famous German Christmas Markets. Everyday in order to get back to the hotel, we have to walk through the Christmas Markets, so we will stop for Glühwein (similar to mulled wine) to warm ourselves and pick up dinner. One must not forget to try German sausages (bratwurst), beer and pork (suckling pig or pork knuckle) while in Germany.

While I was in Hamburg, I also had the opportunity to visit Berlin for work. This was my second trip to Berlin, so it wasn’t that exciting. However we managed to check out the graffiti on the Berlin Wall called East-side Gallery which was interesting. Also as I went there for work, we were also brought to a few clubs around Berlin to experience the clubbing atmosphere. Nothing spectacular to share.

I’m glad to be back in London. No more travelling for the rest of the year. So you’ll get more updates from me now onwards.

I wonder what have my readers been up to while I was away….


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