First Halloween Celebration

This year’s Halloween was a bit special. No we didn’t dress up. A friend from KL was visiting, hence Dav took the liberty to organise a few activities while she’s here.

Activity 1 – Horror Movie Screening

The celebration started on Friday night with the screening of cult horror film ‘Quatermass and the Pit‘. Dav managed to get free tickets to see this film, held in an old chapel in Islington call Union Chapel. Union Chapel is today a working church, an award winning venue and a centre for those homeless and in crisis in London.

Anyway back to the horror movie. We arrived slightly after 7pm and noticed the long line that’s already forming outside the entrance. The ticket information did say first come first serve. Luckily we managed to get in and got good seats. Upon entry we were given 3 coupons to redeem free alcoholic drinks (2 pre drinks and 1 after. So generous!).

As the movie session is sponsored by Jameson Irish Whiskey, naturally our free drinks were different kind of Jameson’s cocktails. I tried the raspberry and cranberry cocktails, Dav had the ginger beer one. The drinks were quite strong. We think they were trying to get us drunk even before the movie started!

Jameson Cult Film Club

The whole venue were nicely decorated with candles and carved pumpkins. Even the stage filled with props related to the movie with actors ‘acting’ some of the scenes from the movie (only found this out after the movie). We have no idea what horror movie we were gonna watch and I was expecting it to be scary. In face it was quite a funny movie. Much more funnier than scary.

Mr Pumpkin

According to Dav, they organise this horror movie screening every year and that it is free. I’m glad I went. We had lots of fun. Perhaps will check it out again next year. It’s free anyway! If you want more information about this film club, check out their website at Jameson Cult Film Club.

Activity 2 – London Walks: Ghosts of the Old City

Apparently this London walking tour is very famous. The theme of the chosen tour definitely suit the time of the year, ghosts and halloween. The tour starts at St Paul’s Tube Station and takes about 90 minutes. The tour is very interesting and information. We were not that haunted but was surprised to be brought through a few landmarks around the City which we have never been to before.

Dav said the tour guide (his name is Shaughan) is one of the famous guides around London. It must have been true just by looking at the amount of people that turns up! There was easily 30 of us running around the City in the middle of the night trying to catch up with the tour guide.

The tour costs £8 each and more information can be found at the London Walks website (find ‘Ghosts of the Old City’ tour, held on Saturday night).

Activity 3 – Movie session at home

To continue on with the halloween theme, after the ghost tour we went home and decided to watch a horror movie. Not too sure Shutter Island can be considered as a horror movie. Initially I thought it was but after 1 hour, I was not so sure anymore. It seems so complicated and feels more like a thriller. Anyhow I didn’t finish watching the movie as I got too tired. I ended up checking the ending online. Do you feel like the movie resemble ‘Inception’ a slight bit?  I have not watch ‘Inception’ but judging by the reviews and comments that’s been published, it sounded like it has a similar style… making the audience guess and analyse what is the meaning of the movie. My view – its too much work la… I still like my old fashion comedy or chick flick.

Now how did you guys celebrate halloween this year?


One thought on “First Halloween Celebration

  1. Shutter Island is not horror movie! Lol but Shutter Island is definitely better than Inception 😀 Most of Leonardo DiCaprio movies are (not to be rude 2che) mind fucking movies cause it makes you really think after watching it.

    But its great that you had such nice Halloween celebration in UK! 🙂 I stayed home resting from my event in college.

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