I know life is unfair but to promote it in a famous reality tv show is just wrong!

I’m talking about what happened in X Factor. As I’ve been away for 2 weeks, I missed the judges home show and thus did not know what happened and who they choose to put through to the live show. Luckily ITV made the show available online and thus I took the opportunity to watch it this weekend.

I am SO disappointed with Cheryl Cole. I still dont understand why she didn’t choose Gamu Nhengu.

Gamu was sooooo much more better than Katie or Cher. I do not like Cher because I dont think she can sing very well. All she does over the past 3 weeks is rap. PLUS she doesnt have a good singing voice and totally not versatile at all. As for Katie, she cracks under pressure. How can you choose someone who cannot even remember the lyrics at the most crucial moment!?!?!? Not once but TWICE! (remember her first audition??) Totally unreliable if you ask me.

Now I think Cheryl chooses these 2 girls because she LIKES them and also most probably also because she can relate to them. There is no secret she like them since she saw them at their first audition.

Enough about Cheryl Cole and the girls. My favourite this year is Mary and Matt.


2 thoughts on “Unfair

  1. I have a sneaky suspicion that the producers had something to do with the final decision too given Gamu’s immigration status. Anyway I like Matt and also Rebecca.

    When are we having our traditional X-Factor night? 🙂

  2. My Saturday night guilty pleasure is One Direction. Oh the anak2 ikan! So cute!! Matt is without a doubt talented – it takes quite a man to make Britney’s song his own!!

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