Our Comedy Week

We were very lucky last week as we got to watch 2 great comedians live!

First show was Stephen Fry Live at the Royal Albert Hall. It was an interesting show. He didn’t have a fixed agenda and decided to answer questions his fans submitted to him via Twitter. He talked for 2 hours with a 15 mins interval. He was also showing off his “white” iPhone 4 (which is still not out in the market yet) and 2 iPads. At some point we could hardly understand his accent or his jokes. It was too “English”. On that point, we also realized we were probably the only Chinese couple in the audience!!

Then 2 days later we went to see Russell Peters at The O2 Arena. Now this performance attracted a totally different crowd. Walking from the tube station to the arena we were surrounded by Indians (no offense!). The show was freaking good!! He is soooo hilarious….. We laughed so hard for 2 hours that I almost lost my voice.

Stephen Fry Live!


2 thoughts on “Our Comedy Week

  1. I am so jealous that you got to go for Russell Peters’ show! 😦 I hope when I go Australia next year, I get to catch his show. Hopefully he goes to Australia next year!

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