Harvesting Blackberries

Where have the time gone? It has been almost one year since we last picked blackberries from Wimbledon Common.

Dav and I have been hoping we could pick more this year and thus we have started going to the Common every weekend to check the progress… For the past 2 weeks, there was barely anything and the blackberries were either green or red (i.e. not ripe). Yesterday we were more successful. Although there’s lots more bushes where the blackberries are still not rip, we did find a few bushes with very big and black berries.

My father in-law was very excited and we could hardly stop him!

We managed to get a container full of berries. Hopefully that would make one jar of jam. We are already planning to go back again next weekend to get more.

Anyone interested to come along?

Blackberries bushes
Blackberry plant. It has lots of thorns which makes picking slightly more difficult and sometimes painful.

One container full of blackberries.


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