Carrie Bradshaw, I like your attitude!

If you do not know who that is, please go and watch SATC!

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of the HBO series until I moved to London and got close to AA. Since then, the series’ creator has made 2 movies. I enjoyed the first movie very much and was very impressed by how there was a twist to the story line. Now the second movie came out earlier this year and I noticed it has a bad review. I didnt have a chance to watch it with the girls in London due to all the business trips I was on. Plus Dav would never go and watch it with me.

Few months after the movie premier I totally forgot about the movie until I saw it in HMV yesterday. So I make a note to remind myself that I must watch it! So finally today I watched it for the very first time.

My verdict, I totally LOVE it!

The reason why I like it is not because of the fashion or the drama. But because I can totally relate to Carrie, for the first time. I totally agree with her on how it is up to you and your partner to decide how to make the marriage works. Whether it is 2 days off each week, live apart with occasional visits or maybe sleep in separate rooms!! I personally feel that society has pressured a lot of us into living a certain way and get frown upon when you’re not following the normal path / trend.

Dav and I have been true to ourselves in having a marriage the way we want it to be. We create our own tradition and make changes as we see fit.

As Carrie said at the end of the movie, “You have to take the tradition, and decorate it your way.”

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