BBC Prom 2010 – Prom 21

Yesterday I attended my first Prom for this year. To be honest, I bought the tickets 2 months ago and have no idea at all what I was gonna see. In addition, when I decided on this prom, I didnt do any research to find out what it was all about. The title was familiar (Romeo and Julie – Love Scene) plus it’s classical music, I thought it wont be too hard to appreciate the performance.

I was very WRONG!

I’m ashamed to admit I fell asleep 3 times and I fidgeted non-stop throughout the performance (when I was not sleeping). To add on to the challenge of trying to appreciate the show, the second act was sung in German….. Now since after the show, I realised the prom’s programme is available online and I’ve seen people carrying printed paper of the programme. I didnt quite understand why they keep looking at the programme during the show. It was because the programme has the lyrics and the translation in English!

So now I’m well prepared to attend my second and third prom. The last one will be a contemporary one (gonna see Jamie Cullum). Can’t wait.

BBC Prom 2010 - Prom 21

Prom 21: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment with Sir Simon Rattle as the conductor.

Berlioz Romeo and Juliet – Love Scene (18 mins)
Wagner Tristan und Isolde – Act 2 (80 mins)

At the BBC Proms with Katie

My companion for this year’s BBC Proms. We have 2 more proms to attend before it ends in September.

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