Making Swiss Roll

It’s been a while since I cook or bake. So this morning I browsed through Rachel Allen’s bake book and instantly the swiss roll caught my eyes (although I have to say it doesn’t have a picture in the book.. hahahaha).

The ingredients are fairly standard baking ingredients. I just needed to get fresh double cream and strawberries as a replacement for jams. I prefer to have fresh berries in my swiss roll. 🙂

So, this evening while Dav was preparing dinner, I started preparing the roll. I have to say, baking can be extremely difficult without an electric mixer!! Dav and I took turns to whisk the egg with caster sugar for a good 30 mins!! Both our faces says it all while ‘whisking’ away… not a pretty sight. The electric mixer is definitely on top of my shopping list.

The end result is surprisingly yummy. Dav rated it a 10/10 … but of course he is biased!
Will definitely try different flavours swiss roll next time (chocolate or green tea anyone?).

Swiss Roll Menu



and Roll some more

Strawberries & Cream Swiss Roll


One thought on “Making Swiss Roll

  1. Come on! Jump into the KitchenAid bandwagon 😛 If you’re not ready for the ‘Ferrari’ of cake mixer, get any electric hand mixer then 🙂 x

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