Team Building exercise

The last time my team were together in one location at the same time was 2+ years ago in KL. That was also the last time we had a team building exercise. Coincidently the whole team was in town and so my manager organised a team building – we went to a cooking class. To be more specific, we learnt how to cook Thai food.

We went to Lazat – Malaysian Home Cooking Class, located in Section 17. The class is held in a converted bungalow which fits 20 students with a chef station’s located in front. Each student is also allocated a work station for the ‘hands-on’ exercises. The cooking class costs RM200 with all ingredients provided. Each class lasts about 4 hours and we were thought 4 dishes. A notebook with recipes of the food is also provided to each students.

We had a great time testing our cooking skills. I have to say, cooking seems so much easier when all the ingredients are all ready and prepared for you. I hope I will try the recipe in London soon!

Listen to me.

Demonstration from the chefs. Everyone paying attention cos we have to cook it ourselves after the demo.


My fish cake. Looks good, taste even better!

Individual cooking station

Each student is allocated a cooking station with all utensils and ingredients prepared.

Testing time

Once we finish cooking one dish, everyone gets together to try it out.

Testing again

Thats my green chicken curry with white rice. Yummy!

More pictures can be viewed in my Flickr page.


3 thoughts on “Team Building exercise

  1. Azura, let me practice at home first. 🙂

    Cat, they normally teach local dishes like nasi lemak and rendang, but for the dates we wanted to attend only Thai menu was available. You can even customize the classes!

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