Remember back in January Dav and I went to India to attend a wedding then toured around the South for 2 weeks? Well I bought 2 saris when we were there. So finally I got the blouse made for these 2 saris in Brickfields just before I go back to London.

To wear a sari, one needs to know how to tie it. The whole costume consists of the petticoat, the blouse and the 4 to 6 metres unstitched cloth. The tricky part is when tying the 4-6 metres cloth around your body with pleats. This webpage provides a very good graphical demonstration –>

So you can see how complicated the process is. Therefore when I heard that nowadays the tailor can sew ready made saris. I wanted to make sure that the tailor I go to can sew the ready made saris too since I do not know how to tie it. PLUS there is no need for me to learn. Luckily an Indian colleague of mine know a tailor in Brickfields and off we went to see him on Monday. The saris were ready for pickup 3 days later.

I am very happy with the end results. Here’s a preview of my new saris. What do you think?

P/s: Excuse the quality of the photos. It was taken with my first generation iPhone. 😛


8 thoughts on “Saris

  1. The purple one is my fave 🙂 It is a striking colour, slimming and shows a bit of tummy which is rather sexy :):)

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