Road Trip to Ipoh

I was quite surprised when I received a wedding invitation from an old friend when I just got back to KL. So it was a good opportunity for a few of us to drive up north (Ipoh) together to attend the wedding.

The wedding was held at ‘The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat‘. This is an absolutely amazing place! Of course it is also very very ex (think USD 500 a night for a villa and that’s not inclusive of any spa treatment).

We started our road trip in the afternoon and still had enough time to squeeze in a lunch break along the highway and chicken rice in Ipoh town before the wedding ceremony started. It was quite unfortunate it started raining just before the civil ceremony so at last minute the ceremony had to be moved from the waterfall to the cave. After the civil ceremony we had more drinks before proceeding to the outside area for dinner. We were served with 8 course fusion western food which is quite unique and yummy! The portion was just nice for me to finish the food. After the wedding, we proceeded to the pool area where the pool party started. I really like how this ceremony feels more like a party dedicated to friends to celebrate their wedding compared to the traditional 10 course chinese wedding dinner. Also the guest list was all their close friends.

Here’s some pics I took.

Jeff's Cellar @ The Banjaran

Jeff’s Cellar. This is where the civil ceremony was held. It is very cooling inside the cave (in case you cant tell from my pic, it is a cave!).


Spending quality time with old friends.


Having champagne on the balcony, over the sunset after the civil ceremony.

Wedding door gifts

Wedding door gifts, Labu Sayung and Ipoh treats.


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