Hiking & Camping Trip

In the first May bank holiday, Dav and I decided to go on a hiking trip with 2 other friends. It was meant to be a hiking only trip but as we couldn’t get enough beds in the local YHA, Dav & I had the opportunity to try camping.

We went to Dorset, South East of London. Dav found out there’s a coastal walk along the white cliffs, which is famously known as the Jurassic Coast (cos you can find dinosaur fossil there). Dorset is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It sounded very nice and interesting until we found out we have to walk 5 miles from the train station to Lulworth Cove  on the first day. Then on the second day we have to walk 12 miles from Lulworth Cove to Weymouth. Dav found a description of this walk from a website.

When I read the description I was slightly worried that I won’t be physically fit and indeed I was the last among the 4 and Dav had to stay behind me just in case I fell !!! It was quite a difficult hike especially at the beginning but towards the end the terrain was mainly flat.

Here’s some photos uploaded to Flickr.



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