Can't sleep

I’m writing this on the flight back to London, after watching 2 movies and 3 comedy series. I’ve even attempted to sleep but it was not very successful. I’m not sure what was the problem. I had a great sleep on the flight over to Brazil just one week ago.

Now I’ve assessed the environment I’m in right now and I think I know what has contributed to my failure to sleep. I will call this listing ‘Annoyances while flying’. Enjoy.

  • Snoring passengers – This is perhaps the most annoying thing one can come across when flying on a long haul flight. I’m a very light sleeper therefore snoring can really affect my sleep. So there’s one passenger on the flight which is snoring. I wonder if the air steward is allowed to push snoring passenger to make them stop… hahahahaha I reckon they should have the rights to do so, so that everyone else on the flight can have a peaceful rest. (Sorry to those who is prone to snore!)
  • Crying babies – It is definitely a nightmare to have babies on a long haul flight. Looking back at all my flights, it is quite seldom I get babies on a flight. But when I do, it is usually quite bad, i.e. non-stop crying at odd hours. I wonder if there’s something parents can give to babies to make them sleep most of the time.
  • Non-stop moving passengers – For the past 10 hours, the passengers sitting all around me just keep moving around and hitting my chairs constantly!!! This is super super annoying. I just feel like yelling at them and say ‘STOP!’
  • Lights on – Some guy sitting in front of me has been working on his laptop ever since we departed. His bloody laptop screen is bloody bright that it feels like the whole cabin is lighted up even though all the lights has been switched off for everyone to sleep. Now he has stopped working and I’m contributing to the brightness of the cabin while typing away on my mac. hahahahhaaha too bad. What comes around, goes around I say.
  • Crappy seats – Now I know I shouldnt be complaining especially when I’m flying business class on long haul flight. But I cant help it. I’ve noticed that MAS has a very bad business class seats. MH’s seat can only be fully flat at an angle. This means when sleeping, one keeps sliding down, which means one cant have continuous sleep. Compared to the BA seat, it is sooo much better. It is fully flat with no risk of sliding down the chair.


5 thoughts on “Can't sleep

  1. Oh dear…hope you aren’t all jet-lagged from that flight.

    I don’t really have that many pet peeves but can I just gripe about my Mel-Sin flight last year with Emirates??? It is a fabulous story!!!

    There were 3 more matured Australian ladies (late 40s) who were travelling together (I am going to call them BOGANS and you will know why in a minute!) who were sitting behind me.

    From the corner of my eye and ears, I could hear the one sitting next to the window (I was in an aisle seat) complaining VERY LOUDLY about the man in front (who was Arabic – thought I’d just throw that point in there to not so subtly hint at how racist some stupid Australians are) who had reclined his seat back after dinnner was over.

    And then you’d never guess what happened but even I thought there can’t be THAT stupid white Aussie woman around but the ladies PURPOSEFULLY hit my seat from the back. They literally shook my seat and hit it and complained VERY LOUDLY that they didn’t like my seat reclined back!!!! We are talking using their bare hands and hitting and shaking my seat purposefully!!!! But the odd thing was, that they never once talked to me directly!!! It was like a child, if I close my eyes, you can’t see me!!!!

    The worst bit was that as we all know, Emirates has one of the more comfy seats and their seats can recline realllllly far back. Worser still, I hadn’t even reclined my seat the entire way because the seat went so far back, I didn’t need all that space!!!

    I could NOT believe what was happening. It was so bad that even the other passengers around me were gawking in shock!!! I knew that these women were just plain stupid (and I don’t call a lot of people stupid cause I know it’s very rude) and that talking to idiots like these will get you nowhere.

    So instead, I left my seat, very calmly told an air stewardess about it and she too very calmly told the 3 idiotic women that it was after dinner, and passengers including themselves are allowed to recline their seat back as far as they like.

    You would not believe this, but the 3 gwailo Aussie women said that they did not pay good money to have their space invaded and that I should spend the entire 7 hour trip with my seat upright!!!! O.M.G!!!! I almost said, then you should have paid for Business. The poor air stewardess didn’t know what to say in reply because just like me, she thought, how in the world can there be such stupid people??????

    Anyhow, I got upgraded to Business Class for the rest of the trip.

    Goes to show, there are some very stupid, white Aussie women out there 😛 If those 3 bogan, silly, stupid, bogan women are reading this, thank you very much for getting me a free upgrade to Emirates Business Class. I had a FABULOUS trip home!!! *sticks out tougue*

  2. My dear..I think you are being ‘mengada’. Dpt naik business class should be grateful. Suruh duduk economy 12.5 hours then you know! 😛

  3. Cat, am glad to read that everything turns out for the better on your flight!

    A, I think I deserved to ‘mengada’ once in a while. 🙂

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