Unusual Birthday Activity

Last Saturday Dav and I attended a friend’s 30th birthday celebration. This was quite an unusual birthday celebration. The day started with a tour around British Museum, courtesy of her housemate. She is a registered Blue Badge Guide and decided to conduct the tour as a birthday present to my friend.

The British Museum has one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world and originate from all continents. Because of the huge collections of artifacts, after a visit, it is quite normal to feel that the British were a bunch of thieves! đŸ˜›

Our tour guide showed us the most important collections in the museum and provided superb narration to the collections. At the end of the tour we even agreed to ‘pose’ like the Parthenon’s East Frieze. Amazingly it was quite easy to get everyone (17 of us!) into position and proceeded to take a picture to capture the moment. Here’s the pictures:

The original sculpture which shows the gods, goddess and mortals offering peplos to goddess Athena.

Here’s our version with the birthday girl as goddess Athena (far right). Click here to read more about this scene. If you’re wondering what me and Ms AA are potraying, we were the warriors on horse! hahahahahaha

Now this is Dav’s and P’s version of the Metope.

We had lots of fun that day. The celebration ended with dinner at The Homage Restaurant in Waldorf Hilton.


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