Bursting bubble

I remember when I was young I LOVE to press the bubble on the bubble wrap when I can get whole of some in my dad’s office. Somehow listening and feeling the bubble bursting is very soothing for me… and I wont be able to stop until I finish pressing all the bubbles.

Last week I received a packaged which was wrapped with bubble wrap. This has triggered my obsession with pressing all the bubbles! Dav thinks that I’m making a lot of noise when I do that at home (mainly cos it’s already very late at night). So I carry the bubble wrap in my handbag everywhere I go. I did that for a good one week until a friend asked me why I carry a piece of bubble wrap… hahahahaha

So I took the bubble wrap to office and left it on my desk. Today I started pressing it again when I saw it and couldn’t stop myself. I think I annoyed the hell out of everyone who sits around me…. until one of my manager told me off (jokingly of course)… hahahahahah

My journey to finish pressing all the bubbles continues…..

The bubble wrap is on my office desk waiting for me!


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