Making Croissants

My first attempt at making croissant. Am quite impressed with the end result as the dough feels a bit funny. It is crunchy outside and soft inside. Dav thinks that it’s quite good. I personally feel that it does not taste like Paul’s croissant… so will have try again. 🙂

Might try ‘Pain Au Chocolat’ tomorrow since I still have extra dough.

p/s: I need an electronic mixer! My hand is aching from all the kneading…


4 thoughts on “Making Croissants

  1. How much butter did you use? I saw it once and decided its one to buy and not to make cos I cant bring myself to eat it after I make it

  2. You do set yourself very lofty goals considering it was your first attempt i.e. to make croissants that rival Paul’s. When do I get to sample some? 🙂

  3. G, half the amount of flour. So, yes, not very healthy… but so yummy!

    Darren, must set high goals so that can achieve more ma… corporate bullshit u know… LoL

  4. Steph, the KitchenAid comes with a dough hook for kneading bread dough! :):)
    Good attempt at the croissants, they are finicky things!

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