Easter Holiday

Dav & I spent this year’s Easter holiday separately.

I decided to go on a road trip with 3 of my girl friends to Cornwall and so Dav went to Marloes Sands, Wales on his own.

I had lots of fun with the girls. We took the train from London to Penzance and then hired a car for 4 days. We drove all around South West of mainland UK. Don’t be fooled by the map, it didn’t take us long to get from one location to the next. We took our time and even managed to walk around the towns and coasts.

Some of the highlights of the trip includes:

  • Watching a play in Minack Theatre. It is an open air theatre by the sea! As the weather is still quite cold, it was SO COLD to just sit by the sea. Thus it was very difficult to enjoy the play. We decided to leave during the interval and I was shaking non-stop for a good 10 minutes while trying to warm myself up in the car.
  • Crossing the River Fal by taking the King Harry Ferry with our car. We were driving along the road when suddenly Azura’s tom tom indicated we’ll be driving into a boat. Then we saw the river and a car queue forming along the road. We were so excited when we saw the King Harry Ferry. Basically we just drive onto the ferry and it will take us across the river. Definitely a good experience.
  • Playing ‘Worst Case Scenario Travel Game’ during the road trip. Natasha bought this game specially for this road trip and it was a good decision. Basically we ask each other a serious of question on how best to survive in an emergency situation. Great fun and good learning too.
  • Visiting the most southern (Lizard Point) and south western (Land’s End) part of UK!

Here’s some pictures I took in Cornwall.



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