History repeated

Here we go again. I have been renewing my 5 years passport every 2 years!! I renewed it 2 years ago (see this post) as I have ran out of pages and have to travel to South America. Now it seems like history is repeating itself. I’ve been informed I have to travel to Brazil in May. That means I’ll have to apply for a work visa… which means I’ll need 2 empty pages in my passport.

I knew that I was running really low on empty pages and was hoping that I wont have to get a new one until I absolutely have to! But work prevails again and off I went to the High Comm this morning to get a new one.

The process took slightly longer today since I have to take a picture there and there was a lot more people compared to my previous visit. But still it is hassle free and the officer that served me was very friendly.

What really surprises me was that the officer knew my previous address in UK and commented that I’ve moved!!! That’s scary considering I always assume Msian Government is quite bad at keeping track of their citizens overseas.

Big Brother is watching……


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