What the hell am I thinking???

I asked myself that question several times the day before the Breast Cancer ‘Pedal it Pink’ cycling half marathon and definitely a lot more times on Sunday while I was cycling for 21km….

How did I get myself into this? Relatively easy and naive really. My colleague’s fiance emailed me at work asking whether I would like to join her for this race. Instantly I said yes! But just to set the expectation right, I told her I’ve not been cycling for at least 6 months and have not been exercising regularly. Also I’ve not done any high intensity physical activities for a very very long time. She replied me and told me she hasn’t done any exercise or cycling for a long time too. More importantly she’s wont be ‘practicing’ before the race. I agreed to join her as long as she’s ok with my ‘fitness’ level. Now the problem is, even if I wanted to ‘practice’ I wont have the chance as I was still working in Hamburg and don’t have a bicycle… You could argue that I can still go to the hotel gym.. just pretend there’s no gym … hahahahaha

For a person who joined a race, I really had no idea how far is a marathon. I just assumed that it’s relatively short since so many people in KL are into marathon running nowadays.. it must not be that hard rite… I was soooo WRONG! The day before the race I googled distance for a marathon and was shocked to find out one marathon = 26 miles = 40 km! Luckily my friend said she only wanted to do half marathon (ie 20km). If she feels that she’s fit enough and wanted to do the whole marathon I think would have been extremely worried.

Anyhow, Sunday came. My colleague was kind enough to pick us up and carry us and my bicycle in their car. So no problems getting to the location which is good. The weather was quite cold, the sun was hiding behind the grey-ish looking clouds. Wind was blowing quite strongly too. Me, a non-professional cyclist turn up with my slacks and t-shirts with a hooded jacket and wind breaker (in case it rains) while everyone else arrives with their professional looking cycling gears. At least there were quite a few groups of people turn up dressing up with bunny ears and tutus. This is after all a charity race.

Since it is for charity, it didn’t feels like a competition. Our goal was just to finish the race. For the half marathon, all we needed to do was complete 2 laps around the park. In the middle of each lap, there was ‘Feeding Station’ where they provide water, bananas, muesli bar, chocolates and candies for the cyclists. We stopped twice for me to refill my energy with bananas and water.

The terrain around the park was relatively flat. There was only 2 steep hills we had to cycle through. If you look at the map below, you’ll see that we cycled along lots of ponds and canal which has very pretty sights.

I’m glad to say that we completed the race with no injuries and came in just under 2 hours. Not bad la for a novice non-professional cyclist like me. I could feel a cramp happening once we stopped after the finish line. Luckily the event offered free massage to cyclists. So we took the opportunity to get our sore legs and back massaged by the professional for free. 🙂

Here’s some pictures Dav took for us. Enjoy!


p/s: We’re thinking of cycling from London to Windsor along the Thames river this summer. The distance will be around 35.55 miles. This ride should be fun because it’s very scenic to cycle along the river PLUS there’s lots of pubs along the way too… so it could almost be a cycling pub crawl!


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