Weird Spring Weather

Work has been crazy for the past month. I was sent to Hamburg for 4 weeks. It is one of the most challenging work I’ve done so far… and it is still not finish yet. I’m blaming work for not updating this blog more often. Seriously I’ve never been so stress since my EY days.

Anyhow, when I was in Hamburg, it feels like I’m in Melbourne. I could wake up to a cloudy grey sky, walk to lunch under a bright sun and then walk back to hotel in the rain! Mind you, the temperature will be consistently cold!  The first week I also experience snow fall, with the Alster lake half frozen. Then as the days pass by, the sun decided to come out and just like that Spring has emerged!

I decided to head back to London every weekend except for one weekend where Dav came over to visit. We have been in Hamburg before so this time round we decided for a more R&R weekend, i.e. no visiting touristy places. Instead we took the public boat to see the harbour (the largest port in Germany). We also visited the Hamburg Zoo which is quite a good zoo, in comparison to London Zoo. If you ever visit Hamburg one day, I would definitely recommend visiting the zoo.

Besides Hamburg, I also had a chance to visit Frankfurt for one day. A lot of people has the wrong impression that Frankfurt is the capital of Germany, it’s not. It may be the financial hub for Germany and Europe (imagine Canary Wharf where all the banks’s HQ are located) but the capital of Germany is Berlin. Not surprisingly then all I see is high rise buildings.

After Frankfurt, it’s back to London… unfortunately with more work to be done!


One thought on “Weird Spring Weather

  1. Totally off the topic of weather but my Babysis is in her final year of accounting at Melbourne Uni!!! I know – quick huh???

    She took a summer internship in JB at some British company (can’t remember the name) that has a branch here in Collins St. She tells me she is interested in auditing and I thought of you!

    Apparently, she’s changed her mind about wanting to go home and work cause she saw what long hours everyone did back there and has decided to stay in Melbourne if she can get an internship spot. Tell you what, it’ll be nice having an accountant for a sister (or is that meant to be the OTHER way round! 🙂 because I pay mine almost 500 just to do my taxes! He obviously thinks I’m made of money (or mainly cause he knows exactly how much this typical Cheena girl has in her bank!).

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