Switzerland an Utopia Country?

I’ve been working with my manager in Hamburg for the past 2 weeks. He’s from Switzerland and we have been exchanging stories about our home country. The more we talk, the more I became fascinated at how Switzerland works as a country. Let me explain.


Switzerland do not have a head of country. There are 7 ministers elected by the members of parliament. Therefore any decision made must be agreed by all 7 ministers , according to the exisiting law.  A minister will be selected yearly to represent the country in social events. There is also no professional politicians except for the 7 elected ministers.

The rational for this is that the citizen controls the government, rather than the government controlling its citizen.


Income tax in Switzerland is only 10%. Tax is not deducted from your monthly salary but is declared and paid at the end of the year. The rational apparently is the Swiss will pay tax if the government has proof they have done well and thus rewarded with the tax income. This will also prevent govenmnent officials from mis-using the money.

There is also a capital gains tax which is deducted from the interest earned from bank. If one lodge an income tax, then they will be able to receive the tax back which encourages people to lodge their tax every year.


There is a law in Switzerland that pension fund must have a 6% return on an individuals pension fund. 6% !! Even M’sia’s EPF only have an average 3-4% returns.
Perhaps we can consider moving to Switzerland??? LoL


2 thoughts on “Switzerland an Utopia Country?

  1. God damn I hate capital gains tax!!!! As you know we have it here in Australia and shit, the amount I pay to the Aussie Government is PHENOMENAL!!!

    I get taxed on (42%):
    – my savings/money that earns interest in the bank
    – my EPF that already got taxed the first time round from my salary
    – the money I earn from any house/investment that I sell which I don’t use as my own personal home

    I also pay a hefty 42% tax on every dollar I earn!!!!! So in reality, my pay packet is only really half!!!!

    And what do I get back? Nothing.

    I get fined $1000 if I don’t buy private insurance (I earn too much apparently)
    I am not eligible for the baby bonus because once again, apparently I earn too much.
    As a matter a fact, I cannot get anything from the Government because apparently, my salary considers me “rich”!! PUH-LEESE!

    Australia is called the Lucky Country for people who earn 60K and less per annum (gross) simply because the Government literally rewards you for not saving and not being on the higher end of the wealth scale.

    The Rudd Government especially sees them as Robin Hood who literally tax the rich and give to the poor. The only thing is that the poor ain’t that poor and I know PLENTY of young Aussies who just sit on their arse at home and do not work cause they are more than happy to just get handouts from the Government.

    It is sustainable NOW when the population is only 20 something million but give it a few years and it will see itself like the US where the rich can no longer support the bottom heavy and healthcare (the very foundation of any country’s ecomony together along with defence) will no longer be free.

    There is a reason why Murdoch moved from Australia (he famously once said that the Aussie tax was waaaaay too high) and why Branson also bought an isle far away from the UK – all to avoid the phenomenal tax.

    Okay…that’s my rant of the day. If anthing, that is ONE thing I cannot stand about Australia. It’s waaaay to socialistic for my liking. I work bloody hard, earned my dollar in an honest fashion only to get half of it taken away from me. I might as well not work at all!!!!

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