Failed hobby – Gardening

Last month, just before my business trip to Hamburg, I decided to try planting Sorreno chillis, courtesy of Wahaca, a mexican restaurant. We also had 2 tulip plant given to us from our Aussie friends who were travelling around Europe.

So off we went to get pots and compost required to get this going.

Gardening tools

Here’s what we bought. Pots and compost. The Sorreno chillis seeds were given in a match box like packaging (see red and blue box).

Sorreno Chillies on 21.02.10

The chillis were planted together with the match looking stick as instructed. It looked great. I was feeding it water… until after 1 week, I noticed white moss on the compost. It was raining the whole week and sky was grey. I was informed later that to grow chillis, I’ll need lots of sun shine. I guess London is not a suitable place then???

The tulips didnt grow as well. Apparently it was too dry.

I’m incline to try again in the Spring when the weather is less cold.


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