Shortlisted Photograph

The Telegraph

I received a message in my Flickr account 2 weeks ago from the editor of Schmap Guide. Apparently this photo has been short-listed for inclusion in the tenth edition of their Schmap London Guide, to be published late March 2010.

I have not heard of this guide but figured it will be good to get it published. There is no money but I will be acknowledged as the photographer in the guide.

Let’s wait and see if it gets chosen.


2 thoughts on “Shortlisted Photograph

  1. What an odd picture to pick. You can almost read the caption that will go underneath it “And here are the wonderful picnic grounds that are found at such and such a place” 🙂

    I’ve read on other blogs how their pictures on Flicker are picked to be published. There is this rather famous fashion blogger in Singapore that had his picture which he took of, picked to be included in Prada’s (or Gucci, I forget which one) latest cofee table book.

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