Day out in Hampstead Heath

Last Saturday, the weather was great. The sun was out (quite unusual since it was raining the whole week). So we decided to head out to Hampstead Heath (up north) and walk around the huge area/park. After doing some research online, I found out that this place has lots of ponds and a circular walking path which we can follow.

I knew about this place when I went to Kenwood House for the Simply Red concert. I remember walking past a lookout which has superb view of the city. So I’ve always wanted to go back and walk around the area.

Here’s the planned walking route.

When we got there, we didn’t follow the planned route. It was too troublesome trying to find the right place to walk to. We just turn when we want and walk towards to things we wanted to see. This makes it a little bit more interesting and spontaneous. We even found a public ‘Women’s only’ swimming pool. The pool is actually a pond. Although we’re technically still in the middle of winter, there were several ladies swimming in the pond that day.

Here’s some pictures I took on that day. You’ll notice there’s lots of pictures of trees and clouds. Well, that’s the scenery we saw that day. For better quality pictures, please view them on my Flickr account.


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