Becoming a Hamburger

No, I’m not talking about the food!

I’ve been assigned to work in Hamburg, Germany for one month. I’m flying next week. I think ppl from Hamburg is called hamburger… LoL.

Anyhow this assignment sort of spoilt my plans (not like I have tonnes of activities arranged in March that takes place in London). I was hoping I can spent a longer time in London considering we have been away.

I was meant to be in London but at last minute my manager needed someone to lead the work in Germany. He said it will be a high profile assignment and will help rise my visibility in the company. He made it sound like what I’ve been invinsible in the organisation for the past 3 years!!!

Luckily Hamburg is not far so I’m coming back to London every weekend expect for one weekend where Dav will come visit. It’s like my third or fourth visit to Hamburg and second visit for Dav but it’s a nice city to visit. So we don’t mind checking out the other surrounding places. We might even consider taking the train to get out of Hamburg but we’ll see.

Maybe I can consider learning some German along the way…

Gute Nacth!


One thought on “Becoming a Hamburger

  1. Hahaha, a Hamburger!!! :):)

    The only German I know is “Achtung!”. It’s was all over Henry’s Audi and now Joel’s BMW!! :):)

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